6 Simple Small Business Marketing Tips

Many business owners think that the only effective advertising today is done via the Internet. Nothing could be further from the truth. Traditional forms of marketing can still generate a great ROI to any type of business. Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing…

Use Postcards & Direct Mail

Postcards are inexpensive to have printed and less expensive to mail than a sales letter. Often times, postcards are read by recipients on the way back from their postal boxes while junk letters are quickly thrown in the trash. The most effective postcards are those that are the simplest. Start with a strong headline, feature one great benefit and close with a strong call to action.

Use Buddy Marketing

If you plan on sending out a sales letter, then find a partner that will include their business card or small leaflet with your letter. The next time, the other company can send out a letter and you include the business card or leaflet. Agree to split the costs of this marketing effort. By sharing marketing lists, you both get your marketing material in the hands of a lot more people at a reduced cost.

Strengthen Brand Awareness with Stickers

Stickers can go almost anywhere and are an effective marketing technique. Put them on the outside of envelopes, on invoices and any other place that you can think to stick them. Make sure that the sticker will catch the attention of those that see it. A bright colour and very few words usually work best.

Print Brochures

Make sure that you have brochures printed up about your business. These brochures are great to hand out at trade shows or at professional meetings. If your business requires you to give an estimate, make sure to leave a brochure. After you have made a sale or completed a job, include a copy with the invoice and ask the customer to pass it on to a friend. 

Send Out Newsletters

Customers love to do business with experts. Use a newsletter to show that you are an expert. Make sure these newsletters make a great impression by having them professionally printed. Leave a few where your targeted audience may gather.

Create Unique Printed Items

As a business owner, you see these items everywhere. Companies hand out pens, pencils and other paraphernalia with the company name printed on it. The best thing to hand out is something related to your industry. Make sure that it is a quality product.

The Internet is not the only way to advertise. Try these printed advertising techniques to increase your customer base.

Mark Jassem blogs about technology and marketing ideas for small businesses. He blogs part time for TPH, a professional printing company with several offices accross Canada. Check out their blog for some great printing tips.

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