Small Business Promotion: Digital Or Print?

print-adNumerous companies, including small businesses, opt to have their own professional website to promote products and services as well as provide a means to conduct smooth business transactions.In short, everything is available online. We’re well into the digital age, but it doesn’t mean that flyers, posters and printed promotional items no longer provide effective exposure. In recent times, a lot of Facebook, Twitter, and website links are actually posted on print ads and business cards. In that sense, the goal of print materials is to create a good impression ad draw consumers to give companies a call and visit their websites.

For small businesses, especially for those that are just starting, it would be wise to use print products to promote your company. If you think just having a website is enough, you might want to do some print ads too. Once consumers get a hold of these print ads, they instantly have your telephone number, address, and website so they can reach you anytime they want. Have a good website up and enforce business exposure by printing out flyers, brochures, and sending out promotional items with your company logo printed on them.

The obvious advantage of having your own site is that you get to interact with clients who express interest to purchase your products even if they’re not in your store or office. But another thing you should think about is what if your consumer wants to go directly to you. That is what print ads give to your consumers: they give information directly without requiring them to go online. Here, directness makes all the difference.

The Promotional Products Association International conduct a survey which looked into just how much brand recall promotional materials generate. Results showed that out of 800 participants, 76 percent remembered the name of a brand when they got a promotional product, while 52 percent of the same participants who received a promotional product had actual business transactions with the company. Just imagine if your consumers get to frequently see your ads and samples of your products. Now, imagine how many of them would actually go and visit your website because of the recall established by these print ads and promotional products. Also, there are printed promotional tools like key tags and gift cards made of plastic, and pens and lanyards that people use. These promotional tools even last longer for people to see.
Print ads are here to stay and it obviously complements online promotions. It’s not as dispensable as many people think; it provides a more direct way to reach your target market, and it enhances solid branding.

And so before you scramble to make print ads, consider how much you’re budget allows you to produce. You don’t want to spend too much on promotional products that you sacrifice ample ROI (return of income). Don’t get lost in the promotional promise; be mindful of your finances. After all, the goal is to sell quality products and services true to your image.

Author Bio: George splits his time between his airplane-building hobby and marketing great products. He is a marketing specialist at, an online provider of plastic cards and key tag printing services.

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