How Do Mobile Apps Assist Small Businesses?

Over the years, we’ve become conditioned to being able to find an app for everything in our personal lives. Even if there isn’t an app for something, creating one ourselves is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility.

As well as being revolutionary in terms of our personal lives, mobile apps have also changed the way small business operate, and have been instrumental in producing a number of opportunities that wouldn’t have been available as little as ten years ago.

We looked at the biggest ways in which mobile apps help modern small businesses.

Service Savings

There are many mobile applications available that allow small businesses to save large amounts of money on services such as accountancy. New business owners often balk at the prospect of having to pay a professional to produce regular accounts, however most apps will now play the role of “virtual accountant” for you, giving you profits and expenditure totals, as well as working out what any tax liabilities are likely to be.

In the Palm of Your Hand

Never before have small businesses been more powerful. The reason? Thanks to apps, small business owners literally have everything they need in the palm of their hand, allowing them to make informed decisions at all times.

In addition, the wide range of apps available means that businesses no longer need to hire a premises in order to keep everything together, meaning a huge saving on rent! With business on the move more prevalent than ever before, using mobile apps is seen as pro-active and forward thinking rather than “because they have no choice”.

Customer Service Delivery

Any new business faces the same challenges, and one of the biggest is around attracting customers to the brand, as well as ensuring they all receive super service and remain with you for the long-term.

Mobile apps facilitate this in a number of ways. For the sales based business, apps can allow them to create instant invoices and even process credit card payments, meaning deals can be done there and then without any danger of “buyer’s regret” setting in.

Customer relationship management tools are also popular apps, with simple ones that maintain a customer database to others that populate your calendar with when to make a follow-up phone call, for example, or provide potential clients that are similar to your existing range of contacts.

Small businesses are becoming more productive and profitable than ever before, with much of this success down to the opportunities afforded them by innovative mobile applications.

Robert is an online content writer across a number of industries, with a specific interest in how services such as managed VPS hosting, and products such as mobile apps, can help a business to develop their brand and customer awareness levels.

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