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Email Marketing on-the-go: GraphicMail iPhone App

As email and mobile marketing converge, we’re not only seeing ESPs offering more mobile marketing functionality, but they’re also rolling out mobile email marketing apps.

Email marketers are also anticipating mobile to be a game-changer this year…

(PRWEB) January 23, 2011

With more and more people converting to smart phones, we???re seeing a strong influx in the number of businesses implementing mobile apps, utilities, sites and email campaigns in an effort to reach consumers where they???re most active ??? their phones.

Email marketers are also anticipating mobile to be a game-changer this year; a movement that will greatly affect our email marketing campaigns. Though ESPs are gearing up their mobile offerings, surprisingly few are offering their clients mobile email marketing applications.

GraphicMail has just launched the first version of their GraphicMail iPhone app ??? an app that will enable their email marketing clients to manage their email marketing campaigns on the run. This free iPhone app will enable clients to:

Sign up new subscribers and edit existing subscribers??? contact details.

Send already-designed newsletters to their mailing lists.

Keep track of their latest list activity (subscribes and unsubscribes).

Track sends by viewing the bounce, open and click-through rates.

During the course of the year, GraphicMail will also be announcing extended mobile marketing features to provide their clients with a comprehensive email, social and mobile marketing platform.

What will be interesting to see is how these mobile applications evolve from basic applications to more comprehensive email marketing management tools. Perhaps email marketers will soon also be able to design their newsletters on smartphones, to instantly put together quick email marketing emails if pressed for time.

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