Want To Get Started On Mobile Advertising?

The mobile advertising market is not yet as popular as other advertising markets but it is slowly gaining momentum. If you are thinking about trying mobile advertising, now is the right time. The prices are still low and only a few are doing it. If you can do this right, you might be standing on a gold mine. Consider these things to get started on mobile advertising.

Where is your target market?

Do you sell locally or can you ship internationally? Do you have the capability to meet customers demands anywhere in the world? If you answered yes, then mobile advertising is for you. For example, if you are in the travel business, you can set up ads that anyone in the world can see. Mobile advertising works for you because you don’t just rely on the local customers in your area. If you are engaged in retail and your products can be shipped nationwide and internationally, you can also benefit from mobile advertising.

On the other hand, if your business relies on the customers in your neighborhood, mobile advertising may not be a good investment for you.

How will you convert your customers?

The purpose of putting up an ad is to let people know about your business. The next step is to make them buy from you. How do you plan to convert a user into a customer? You can ask them to join a mailing list or be a fan of your Facebook page. You can also ask them to follow your blog or follow you on Twitter. They can also subscribe to text and email alerts. You can also invite them to special events.

Measure the conversion

Now that you have converted them, take note of this information. How many people signed up for your newsletters? How many liked your Facebook page or followed you on Twitter? This will measure the effectiveness of each of your mobile ad campaigns. You may need to put up several ads before you discover the right formula.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Have you accessed your website through a mobile device? How does it look? If you don’t have the resources to overhaul your site right away, consider building a mobile-friendly landing page. It’s actually a good idea to have a page where your visitors can go to after they click on your ad. These landing pages should give the users an introduction to your business. Do not hard sell. Give the users something so that they can be converted into customers. Make sure that your landing page has your address, your other links, phone numbers and any other important information that your clients should know.

Explore different mobile ad networks

One of the most sought after ad networks is Google AdWords. Google has been one of the pioneers in mobile advertising and their AdWords encompasses both PC and mobile browsers. Google is a great way to start because you don’t need to have a high technical knowledge to be able to start a campaign. Google has some tutorials to help you get started.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure to start your mobile campaign right.

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