7 Best iPad Applications for Work and Business

iPad has slowly started to gain wide popularity in the business world thanks to a great processing power and ultimate in portability. More and more businesses have started to use an iPad as a way to increase productivity as well as use it directly for various documentation and presentation work. In this context the following application can help you in increasing the productivity of your business.

1. Awesome Currency Calculator

Currency calculator can come really handy as you can easily check the value of any currency in your native currency with real time data which is updated constantly. You even have the option to calculate taxes with this great application. The interface is quite attractive and is supported by some of the great audio visual effects. The application is available for $2 at the Apple App Store.


2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a really great application for all your storage needs. Not only can you use it for storing data, but you can also access the data across all your devices at a much fast speed. You can install the Dropbox application across all your devices including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone etc. and access it from anywhere. Dropbox currently provides 5GB of FREE sharing and you can buy extra storage according to your needs.

3. Evernote

Evernote allows you to take notes including texts, photos, videos and many other things wherever you are! Like dropbox you can store and access data from any of your device. Evernote is available for FREE.

4. Flight Track Pro

Flight track pro can provide you valuable information on the latest schedule of flights and send you push emails in case there is any change in timing of certain flights. Also it can provide you with weather details of more than 400 airports across the world. This application is available for $10 in the Apple App Store.


5. iBrainstorm

iBrainstorm can be a really good application to share idea with your co workers. You can easily collect notes from your colleagues from where you can compile great ideas. Also you can also draw on the screen to make your point more clear just like a real whiteboard. The application is available for FREE at the Apple App Store.

6. iTranslate

iTranslate can be your savior at times when you meet international clients or when you are travelling abroad. It can instantly translate words and phrases from and to more than 50 languages. Also it can help you with pronunciation in case you are having a hard time spelling the words out to your client. It is available for FREE at the Apple App Store.


7. iWork

iWork, an application from Apple is the ultimate tool for productivity. With page, numbers and keynote, it can provide great document experience similar or better to MS word, Excel and power point. As with any other Apple product, these applications provide the best experience in office productivity. Each application costs $9.99 and are available at the Apple App Store.

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