Bing & Ping – Share Searches on Facebook, Twitter & Email

Microsoft has begun inviting Facebook fans to sign up and test a program it calls Bing & Ping, which will let them share what they search for on Bing with friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, and possibly other social sites that are soon to be announced.

Fans will have the opportunity to share restaurant recommendations and local movie times, post a flight status with Facebook friends, and more. Microsoft plans to share more information in the “coming days.”

Bing’s Nicholas Kerr provides examples related to football in a blog post on how someone might use the new tool. “Say you use Bing’s Instant Answers feature to check the score of the game, and you notice that your buddy’s favorite team has just been beaten pretty handily,” he writes. “Say you want to ‘delicately’ remind him of their less-than-stellar moves with the ball.” Bing & Ping lets you share the NFL instant answer through social networks, reminding friends that their team has no defense.

via MediaPost Publications Microsoft Testing Bing & Ping 09/04/2009.

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