eBay Selling Google Wave Invitations

With Google releasing 100,000 invites to test the beta version of the much-hyped Wave, one enterprising blogger decided to capitalize on all the buzz surrounding the new messaging and collaboration tool by selling his invite on eBay.

Hagan Blount, a 30-year-old food blogger based in Baltimore, Md., had been listening to the chatter about Google???s Wave, and hatched the idea to auction his invite on eBay. ???I saw that [Google Wave] was coming out today, and I figured, there???s a whole lot of buzz. I wonder how many hits this would get???? he said in a telephone interview.

Of course, Mr. Blount hadn???t yet received his invite, but he said that a software developer friend of his who did not wish to be identified had promised to procure one for him. Mr. Blount commenced the auction on Tuesday night, and by the time he had woken up at 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the day that Google would be releasing Wave invites, his auction had already received 12,000 hits.

via Google Wave Invites for Sale on eBay – Digits – WSJ.

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