Google Wave Invites Sold On eBay

Google delivered more than 100,000 invitations Wednesday to people so they could begin testing Wave, but some of those invites found their way to the auction site eBay. Wave, a communication and collaboration tool announced earlier this year, integrates e-mail, social networking, instant messaging, and real-time editing.

Unlike the golden ticket that Charlie found in the Wonka candy bar wrapper that gave him entrance into the chocolate factory, these invites were emailed to Web developers who have been active in the developer preview cycle since June. The people signed up early and gave feedback on the project. Those who received invitations could nominate up to five friends who also received invitations.

By 11 a.m. PDT, three invitations were found on the auction site. One auctioneer — imarket, who started the bid at $150 — writes, “the winning bidder will have to give me a little description of his/hers intentions with Google Wave. I will not deliver the invite for people with intentions of spam, illegal activities and porn.”

via MediaPost Publications Google Wave Golden Tickets Ride On eBay 10/01/2009.

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