Google Wave For Enterprise? Microsoft SharePoint a Target?

Google’s Wave is building off the enterprise shore

By Stephen E. Arnold – Posted Aug 28, 2009

Google???s Wave is a Swiss Army knife of communication and information management services. What most pundits have downplayed is the potential for Google to wear down certain market barriers. In the consumer market, Google has had no answer to the surging growth of or the microblogging phenomenon But there???s another granite cliff standing between Google and significant revenue: Microsoft SharePoint. The Google Wave may be the digital force needed to grind down the SharePoint barrier. Google wants to tap into the billions of dollars Microsoft has in its enterprise market.

A thesaurus lists dozens of synonyms for a wave. Among them are the overworked tsunami, the military-esque surge, and the surf bunnies??? tube. The most apt metaphor may be the unrelenting force of waves that erodes even the toughest rocks and walls. Waves just keep coming, and over time little can withstand their pounding.

Will this happen to Microsoft? Let???s reflect a moment.

Rewind: late May 2009. Google hosted one of its developer conferences. After giving the faithful a free Google Android phone, the company announced its Wave platform. At the same time, Microsoft tossed its new search engine Bing into the Internet ocean and created a ripple. You can find developer information about Wave here.

via Google???s Wave is building off the enterprise shore.

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