Yahoo Search Changes, Yahoo Mail, Messenger Updated

Yahoo peps Search, Mail and Messenger

Techtree News Staff, Aug 26, 2009 1532 hrs IST

Adds new social features

Yahoo has added slew of new features and updates to its three core offerings – Mail, Search and Messenger. Yahoo Mail, one of the top leading email services, gets more social features as one of the key milestone in Yahoo Open Strategy. Along with that, Yahoo Messenger 10 will also bring social tinge like showing status updates, photo sharing, video calls and other notifications.

Yahoo Mail gets the long deserved attachment limit raise to 25MB from 10MB per mail. New Application box combines Calendar, Notepad, and several other third party apps for streamlined single window Inbox. The Application box will contain third party apps like Picnik, ZumoDrive or PayPal along with several others coming in future.

Yahoo Mail’s integration with popular social networks will be a boon to community website lovers. Users will be able to get updates from their contacts on various social networks and interact directly from Yahoo Mail window. Photo sharing would now be fun as users will be able to select several photos and share all of them at same time.

Yahoo has also redesigned its Mail’s mobile version ( which can perform important functions including attachment downloads. This mobile version will now have read-write access to phone’s folders. Also, Mail Contacts now will automatically get updated as the contact changes the name.

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