Small Business Web Tutorial Press Release
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Small Business Web Tutorial Press Release


The growth explosion of the internet has literally millions of excited small business owners looking for answers about moving their own business online. They rarely know where to start or what the key ingredients to online business are. WebSite101 is presenting one solution for the home office and microbusiness crowd to help clearly present the basics to ecommerce for the Little Guy.

According to the US Small Business administration (SBA), over half the private work force is employed in one of the more than 28 million small businesses nationwide with fewer than 10 employees. Together, small businesses account for 47 percent of all US sales. By 2002, the SBA predicts, a full 85 percent of these will conduct all or part of their business over the Web. This means there is a huge need for a resource to train those independent professionals who will create and maintain their own web presence. WebSite101 is here to provide one answer for that need.

Entrepreneur Magazine calls WebSite101 . . .

"resource that gathers together a plethora of useful links for builders, plus a grab bag of spiffy tools, including a free banner-ad generator and a free small-business e-commerce tutorial. --Robert McGarvey" serves as a very concise and easy to understand e-commerce tutorial for small business. The site is organized around the basic tenets of successful web marketing for small and home-based business with little technical jargon and a humorous and casual approach to learning. Designed with the feel of a basic college course, uses a notebook paper background.

Just as in any beginning course there are definitions, but by using the power of the web, the site uses hypertext links to examples throughout the most commonly used terms unique to the internet. The definition for "search engine" actually provides a search engine right below the definition to allow visitors to see a search engine in action. This one is designed to search just Website101.

Small businesses can receive a weekly "Reading List" via e-mail which will include regular tips, advice and reference to additional web sites that provide tools and tidbits for successful e-commerce by signing up at We maintain an archive of valuable material in the form of over 150 articles on doing business in an online library. Web site101 also offers a member and alumni message board for interaction of students with the "professor" of WebSite101.

About WebSite101:

Mike Banks Valentine is the founder of the WebSite101 and continues to maintain and update the resource as the rapid development of the internet continually changes the landscape of this new territory. Definitions of terms, webmaster and small business resources, a weekly ezine emphasizing business techniques online and an email "short-course" are available to help those launching a new business on the web. He is also a recognized expert on Home Office and Microbusiness issues columnist at WebSite101, writing about Spam, Cookies and Domain Names for those wishing to grasp the basics of each of those important web related issues.

Contact Information:

Mike Banks Valentine
Email WebSite101

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