Local Business 1-800-Bakery.com Succeeds In Helping Other Companies Grow

1-800-Bakery.com is thriving in a tough economy by providing corporate gifts such as logo cookies, logo cakes, and gift baskets to other companies large and small such as BridgeStreet Worldwide to celebrate their recent appearance on Celebrity Apprentice in order to help them grow, retain clients, gain new customers, and reward their employees.
America’s neighborhood bakery on the internet
As long as you are thinking, you might as well think big.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) May 17, 2010 — The May 9th, episode of Celebrity Apprentice was a special night for two companies. BridgeStreet Worldwide, a New York based company which provides furnished apartments to individuals, corporations, families, and government travelers around the globe was the featured company on the episode. BridgeStreet’s CEO Lee Curtis challenged each celebrity team to design, paint and furnish one of their luxury apartments in the most creative and professional manner. To celebrate their appearance on Donald Trump’s show BridgeStreet Worldwide sought a bakery to provide logo cakes to all of their branches so that the employees could watch a tape of the show on Monday and also enjoy a delicious treat. BridgeStreet was running into a road block in their search for a bakery to provide cakes with the BridgeStreet and Celebrity Apprentice logo’s on each cake. The bakeries they contacted all said they could not fill that type of order on such short notice. That’s where Winchester, Massachusetts based 1-800-Bakery.com came to the rescue.

Realizing how important this occasion was to BridgeStreet, Stephen Pazyra, owner of 1-800-Bakery.com rallied his troops to create the scan for the logo and get the cakes produced and shipped in time for the festivities. The party went off without a hitch and the logo cakes were a huge hit. Lori Conroy; BridgeStreet’s Corporate Office Manager contacted 1-800-Bakery.com to say, “I just wanted to let you know that we received our cakes at our Virginia location this morning at 8:30 am. We have already finished one and it was wonderful! I took some photos including a picture of our President and CEO, Lee Curtis proudly posing with a cake you sent us. Everyone was so impressed with the flavor and how well it shipped. I just can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you and I look forward to working together again. Also, I just realized today that you are based out of Massachusetts. I am from Chicopee MA so I was happy to see that!”

1-800-Bakery.com is a local business that has survived this tough economic environment by rising up to provide the highest quality products and superior customer service. They have grown each year by not only providing cakes, pastries, and many other delectable baked goods to individuals across the United States, but also by assisting many small companies and large corporations to gain and retain customers, reward employees, and celebrate achievements and milestones by delivering creative and distinctively delicious corporate gifts.

Helping BridgeStreet Worldwide in celebrating their appearance on Celebrity Apprentice is just one example of how 1-800-Bakery.com is working with other companies to grow and observe special occasions. 1-800-Bakery.com is striving to become “America’s neighborhood bakery on the internet” As Donald Trump would say, “As long as you are thinking, you might as well think big.”

About 1-800-Bakery.com
Revere Massachusetts native, Stephen Pazyra started 1-800-Bakery.com in 2004, to offer baked goods with a commitment to quality, creativity, and freshness for those who were miles away from home. Their Freshness is 100% Guaranteed. When you place an order at 1-800-Bakery.com it goes straight from the local baker to your doorstep. Treat yourself or find a unique gift for someone you love. No matter what you select, 1-800-Bakery.com promises you will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

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