How To Save Your Business From Bad Publicity

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is bad publicity. It is usually a result of customer complaint, substandard product or service, public scandals, and other issues that can hit your brand. Any company could experience it. Even big brands like Toyota, JP Morgan, and HP were once caught up in the hot seat.

When faced with bad publicity, you must know the right things to do. So to escape this pit and turn it into positive, here are some suggestions you can try out:

Know where it all started.

Before you could even come up with a solution, you must look at the roots of the problem first. What went wrong? Who are the people involved in the situation? How great was the damage done? Answer these questions and you’ll have a clear idea on the problems story.

Meet with people who matter.

When you’ve already dug the source of the issue, it’s time to talk to people who can help. Gather your staff or ask assistance from some professionals. Be sure to include those involved in the issue on the meeting. It will be easier for you to come up with a conclusion if everyone who witnessed the problem will be speaking.

Come up with the right things to say.

To avoid heating things up, always think twice before responding on the issue. Prepare a statement to release. Your press release should make the people feel that you are acting upon the problem with the right way. Don’t include negative opinions and just state the truth. This will help you gain the trust of the people again.

Keep your online profiles updated.

Having online accounts on popular social media sites can help you lighten the situation. Do not forget to keep your profiles updated for people to hear your side. When questions or comments are raised, don’t hesitate to respond. Just remain respectful and firm about your businesses side for people to figure out the truth.

Ask support from loyal customers.

Even when issues arise about your business, there will still be loyal customers who will just shove the problem. Know who these people are and let them be your supporters. You can do this by starting a Q & A on Facebook or Twitter. Ask your connections to say good things about your company despite what’s happening. Make these statements a part of your campaign to clear your brands name.

There’s a saying that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” It simply means that you can always turn every negative happening into a positive one. You just need to carefully plan every step.

Believe that your business only wants the best for your customers. After all, the truth will always come out and the end of the day, right? So face the problem with dignity and let those who trust you support you along the way.

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