How To Find The Right SEO Company

Do ou need SEO? Read more to find out if SEO is right for your company.

As we all know, it’s very hard these days to find a good, hardworking, trust worthy SEO firm that is going to dedicate their time to you for a cheap price. As an SEO firm owner I wanted to write this to let others know the steps they should take, before even calling a firm and how to look for the best firm for them.

Steps to take to figure out if you need SEO

1. First, you need to go to and type in Google keyword tool. Click on the Google link that will take you to their Adwords tool. After that look at the left hand side of the screen, you will see three radio boxes that says broad, exact, and phrase. You then need to research your keywords you are thinking about having an SEO company rank up for you. Make sure that these keywords are getting hits. You want to make sure that the radio box that is exact is checked and the others are unchecked, so you can find out exactly how many people are typing that exact term in per month.

2. After you have some statistics and found good keywords that you want to attain, figure out if those keywords convert for your website. I highly advise you to run a Google PPC campaign or 2, to figure out if the keywords are going to convert for you. Many times, many don’t know that their website needs updated to help the call to action, which would help them sell whatever it is they are selling on their website.

Many think that you can just get people to your website and somehow sell something if the customer doesn’t understand what you’re selling, but it doesn’t work that way. You need to take some time and make sure you figure out everything. Don’t take shortcuts in your marketing or you will pay some where later on.

3. Ask the SEO firm that your thinking about hiring if they can rank it, how long it would take them they feel, and what tactics they would use to rank a keyword like this up. If your SEO firm says no to any of these things, then it’s best you find a different SEO firm that can.

4. Finally, if you were able to find good keywords that are not competitive and popular, the SEO firm you contact says they can rank it for a reasonable price, and you tried PPC with Google and you were able to sell some services, I feel that you’re on your way to a great start.

My name is Matthew Boley and I am the owner of and have providing cheap SEO services now for years to 1,000’s of clients around the world. I strive to give others great information in my spare time and enjoy writing.

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