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At the Google Search Event 2009, held in Mountain View, California, engineers announced new projects that have been released as well as future projects to be released. Marissa Mayer, Vice President of search products and user experience at Google, a 14 billion dollar tech company, has overseen the production of many new technologies.

When Marissa Mayer was hired by Google, over ten years ago, she thought that Google had a two percent chance of succeeding. There are only three people at Google who have more power than she does. With a Master’s Degree from Stanford University and a focus on artificial intelligence, Google recognized her abilities. Marissa Mayer has become one of the most influential women in the nation.

She oversees all of the products being developed at Google and even approves the front page graphics. The four pillars of search are mode, media, language and personalization. Focusing on those pillars several projects have been developed and are now being released.

One huge project released was the real time search results. These real time search results include data from all over the Internet as well as conversations on Twitter and on Facebook pages. This new tool can be a source of entertainment as well as a way of gathering the latest information. A search on Tiger Woods shows comments being updated just about every second. Spend five minutes watching this stream of gossip and you’ll begin to see the power of real time search results.

Voice search can be done on iPhones and other smartphones. You can search the web with voice commands. An impressive search example was done with the query, “Show me pictures of Barack Obama with the French president at the G-8 Summit. There is a query with a lot of keywords! Results were shown within fractions of a second.

An application called “near me,” will list nearby restaurants, shopping and places near your geographic location. When you travel you’ll be able to find things quickly without feeling lost.

Google Goggles is another application that recognizes pictures. Google can identify some objects in photographs. They did make a point of saying that it will not go into identifying faces for the sake of personal privacy. This application may very well become a valuable asset for visually impaired people.

Perhaps the most powerful communication application is the translation from one language to another from either the spoken or written word. You can speak one language and it will write what you have said in another language and it can speak it as well. No other modern invention has built more communication bridges between people who speak different languages than this application.

Imagine how nice travel will be when people no longer have communication barriers. What will the world of search look like in fifteen years from now?

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