Matt Cutts on Link Building: How to Get Good Links Video

Matt Cutts gives 7 minutes of good tips to get good links.

Here’s a list of the items Cutts recommends:

  1. Controversy is Bad if it’s the only thing you ever do to get links
  2. Participate in the community – answering questions, useful tips
  3. Original research gains links – do some work to justify linking
  4. Newsletters – drives traffic and conversions
  5. Social Media increases visibility
  6. Present at a conference
  7. Lists are often weak, but can be effective
  8. Get a blog and establish yourself as an authority
  9. Do How-to’s and Tutorials to share long tail stuff
  10. Resources – product or service tools, plug-ins & extensions
  11. Site architecture issues affect bookmarking and links
  12. Make videos – like this one and all in his series
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