Organizing and Preparing for a Link Building Campaign

Are you gearing up for a long one? Link building campaigns can be very long and extensive. And they are also the type of thing that many people usually end up giving up early on.

Remember back in school when the best way to stick to doing your homework and getting good grades was to go out and by all your school supplies and stay organized? Well the same thing goes with link building. The more organized you are, the better your work flow will be and the more likely you will finish what you started.
Before I begin explaining exactly how to create, organize, and execute your link building plan – lets first take a look at the do’s and don’ts of link building.


    Spam Blogs with Comments

  • Spam Forums by Signing up for them solely for the purpose of the link
  • Spam forum threads with links
  • Get links from irrelevant sites
  • Use Page Rank as a Magic Number
  • Get Links From Bad Blog Networks
  • Submit To unqualified link directories (usually when they are free)


    Build links in a slow yet natural way

  • Try to obtain as much relevancy as possible
  • Mix up your Anchor Text
  • Get links that will bring you traffic (Golden Rule of Link Building)
  • Get a Variety of Quality Links (included good Link Directories)

Creating Your Plan

Your link building plan should resemble your on-site SEO plan in a lot of different ways. For example, many of the keywords that you will want to rank for will also be used as the anchor text. That being said, you want to make sure that you are not over optimizing your anchor texts. You want to use many variations of keywords and make sure that you aren’t just loading every link with the same keyword phrase. You also want to make sure that the content that you are including the link in is relevant, as well as the website itself.

You want to make sure that each anchor text you choose to go after is also something that you will be stressing on each landing page that you set up for that link. You will also want to get many different types of links. Paid link directories, though sometimes expensive, are a good place to start. The links usually hold some pretty good weight (unlike the free ones) and you should see some results from doing so. Prices may vary from $7 to $50 to $300.

Stay away from bad blog networks or from using spam techniques like spamming blogs with comments or signs up with endless amounts of forums. Not only are these considered black hat techniques, but they will not pan out for, and these types of methods are always susceptible to algorithm updates, so even if they do work for the moment, they are more than likely not going to work for very long.

If you do not have enough time in the day to go after a long and extensive white label link building campaign, you might want to consider hiring an SEO company the provides link building services.

Setting Your Systems Up

Link building on any type of scale gets exponentially harder to do anytime you add a little bit more volume to your plate. For that reason you will want make sure you have a solid system set up to help you with your workflow and efficiency.

Start with where the process starts, which is for a lot of different type of link building campaigns, the emailing campaigns. You should organize your email using labels that tell you what you need to do next by organizing each label by categories. For example use labels like “Accepted” and “Rejected”, and “Resources” and “Under Review.” This will help you to keep your email clean, especially if you are planning on doing link building at any substantial amount of volume.

You will also want to start using online relationship management software. This software is developed to keep track of all of the tedious data entry that you would normally have to do yourself. This includes all of the different metrics of your web site like Page Rank, Alexa Rank and all of the other things that will be important during your link building process. Even things like IP address, relationship status, blog quality, as well as many others will automatically be kept track of. This cuts out a lot of initial work for you in things like keeping track of endless amounts of data that you would normally have to do using a spread sheet.

Sticking to a link building campaign is all about cutting out all of the tedious things in your day. Before you know it, you will actually start spending more time organizing for your link building campaign rather than actually doing it. This is why you want to use software, systems, and do what you can, to have all the tedious work done for you.

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