Real Time Search Overview

Today, Internet users are able to receive information right at the moment when it is published online. Isn’t it an amazing thing? What is it through which we see everything with the click of a button of mouse? It is real time search that has given great new dimensions to online searching option to the users worldwide.

There are various search engines available on the World Wide Web that allow a person to search what they like. As the information is available as soon as it is published online, there is practically no delay between composition and publishing. Though it offers you the most dynamic results, it is still very simple and user friendly as all you need to do is enter the keyword on the associated subject and click on the search button on the web page. This process has virtually changed the face of Internet and the way through which information is accessed.


The process of searching real time uses some most reliable sources over Internet to provide information to the seeker. There are various reliable sources such as YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo! Product search, and Google over Internet that provide relevant real time information to the users.

Search Functionality

The actual power of real time search engine can be demonstrated by the fact that it offers the search functionality with various social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and FriendFeed. This allows you to view all the recent tweets and public profile pages added recently from any single website or social networking site.


Looking at the array of features offered by the process, real time search offers an array of benefits to the user. One of the biggest benefits, probably, is that of time. The information seeker no longer has to visit different websites for the recent updates. Also, the information is now easily accessible proving to be a one stop solution to all online search problems. Examples of the people benefitting the most from this process include researchers, students, and those looking for updates regarding finance, technology, or online media.

Possibilities Of Misuse

Although each new innovation looks to keep spamming and other unethical practices to the minimum, there are many problems that persist despite all efforts. Real time search feature, if used negatively, can have an adverse effect on the reputation of a particular brand, company, or even an individual. Thus, if someone regularly creates negative tweets about a company or a brand on twitter, it will be shown in the search results, leading to spam and reputation attacks.

Benefits To Businesses

Today, the web is becoming a highly evolved and sophisticated place. If one wants to find customers online, he or she would need to do regular social media participation. Trends need to be taken seriously if you want Internet to act as a major tool to attract customers online. In such a case, real time search helps you in providing the most updated information to the customers.

With the increasing pace of life, people are now looking for ways to quicken the process of information access. With major search engines providing information real time today, precision and relevance have come to acquire major importance today, leading to better search options available with every new click.

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