How to Use Twitter for Real-Time Search Engine Optimization

Twitter Tips For SEO

Internet marketers and Web specialists predict that the search engines will eventually offer real-time search capabilities, so now is the time to think about getting on board with a few great Twitter SEO Tips to position your tweets for next generation searches.

Companies are already beginning to optimize their Twitter profiles to start building quality links that will rank high with the search engines however; the concept is relatively new to most Twitter users who are using Twitter to help their online business gain visibility. If you want to embrace SEO on Twitter, you can find some handy tips below.

  • Creating a Username: It’s best to choose a Twitter username which represents your business instead of a nickname which does not describe your business at all. The username you choose must have 2 things: it must be easy to remember and must include a relevant keyword.
  • Make Your Account Name Different from Your Username: The username you choose should also reflect the nature of your business. It is a good idea to create an account name that is different from your username to make optimum use of keywords and further promote your business.
  • Optimize Your Profile: One of the best Twitter SEO Tips is optimizing your profile by using relevant keywords. This includes the meta description that tells people about your expertise and your business. Use this description line in the best way possible because it is frequently indexed by the search engines and others can see it.
  • Optimize Every Tweet: Given that many predict that search engines such as Google will make tweets available in real-time, this means that you should be using keywords related to your area of expertise and industry in your message. Make sure you do this strategically and do not overstuff the message with keywords because this will be viewed as spam. Just remember to maintain high quality content and strategically placed keywords.
  • User-Friendly Retweets: Write your tweets in such a way that they are easy to other people to resend. In order to allow other users to retweet your message, do not use the maximum number of characters. You should strive to tweet high quality content using keywords and in such a way which makes it easy for others to retweet.
  • Use TinyURLs: In order to direct Twitter users back to your content, use shortened links. Shorten URL links have significant SEO value since SEO is partially about building high quality links. Twitter can also help your Alexa ratings if you are successful in sending users back to your website.

Although practicing good Twitter SEO Tips will help to set your business up for the future of search engines, keep in mind you must also continue to practice consistent communication with your followers and other members of the Twitter community.

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