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Let’s take a closer look on how you can pimp out your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by
integrating Rich Snippets into your web site code.

What is a rich snippet?

Rich Snippets are lines of web site code added to your web site that help search engines like google, decipher your content and enhance your displayed results with additional information to give users a better idea of what your web site has to offer.

Rich Snippets can allow you to display aggregate reviews to help boost your credibility. Or they can go a step further and enhance your search result with multimedia from your site.

Some terms you may have heard

  • Semantic web
  • RDFa
  • Stuctured Data
  • Microdata

Think of this as layers of front the same onion. All ot these terms represent evolution of cataloging and labeling web content for varlous uses — most suitably, to allow tor search engines and web crawlers the ability to disseminate and translate labelled Items of Content on various sltes and present them to end users.

Enough Talk

Heres a quick breakdown or some of the various properties of Rich Snippets.

  • Breadcrumbs – Show a set of links (breadcrumbs) that can help a user understand and navigate your sites hierarchy.
  • Events – Display information on future dates such as a musical concert of an art festival.
  • Music – Display your lyrics and links to play tracks right in your search results on the page.
  • People – Display photos and contact information.
  • Products – Showcase your product information with ratings, pricing and availability.
  • Recipes – Add flavor to your search result with an image, recipe ratings and preparation time
  • Review Ratings – Include ratings based on a 5 point scale, right with your listing with simple markup
  • Reviews – Display an individual review from a particular source or display aggregate reviews and a rating average based on a group of reviewers
  • Video – Have the image of the videos from your website displayed prominently in natural search results by labeling them with markup language

Be Strategic. Mix and Match. Optimize your SERPs by utilizing the right combination of multiple Filch Snippet mark ups tor your particular webslte or business.

If your business features any of the above examples of content.. Rich Snippets can be a huge asset to Improving and Increasing your click-through rate your organic search engine page results. They provide a visual way for businesses to display products, pricing and reviews and ratings quickly.

20 – 30% INCREASE in click-through rates. Companies have seen a rise in their click-through rates when they property utilized Rich Snippets.

Be Distinguished – Visually pleasing layouts that Include star ratings, photos and page links draw more attention than standard search results of your competitors.

More Qualified Vistors – Site visitors coming from search results that utilized Rich Snippets are more likely to stay on your site longer because they have a better grasp of your content.


Google + bing + Yahoo is a new standardization of cataloging and marking up web content that was formed In collaboration of Google, Bing and Yahoo to create a shared standard of microdata that would work for all three sites.

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