Why You Need An SEO Friendly Website

Why SEO is important for every business website.
Whether starting a new business or growing an existing business, buying/building a good website is essential, and if done correctly, should prove to be a highly successful business investment.
However, implementing a comprehensive search engine optimization plan is vital to a website being ranked well in the search engines.

Enter, SEO.
How important is a good ranking? Without it, a website is like a needle, buried beneath a haystack. Like most websites, extremely unlikely to be found by searchers.

Googles page one – the top of the haystack.
When it comes to finding a website online, a good SEO strategy can land a web page on page one, two or three of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, for specific search terms.

An example of a web search:
If a hypothetical woman living in Texas is looking to hire a caterer for an upcoming event, she may go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and type a search term such as “San Antonio catering.”

She will likely make contact with a caterer whose website is featured on page one of search results, for the search term “San Antonio catering.”

A caterer found on page one for this search term has the best chance of winning her business, but those listed on pages two and three are also in the running. However, if unsatisfied with search results found for a search term, most people do not dig deeper than page three.

No niche is too small for SEO.
Some business niches are more competitive than others, naturally, but there is only so much room on page one for any given search term. In order to win a spot on page one, a webmaster must implement a good seo strategy, no matter how specialized the business niche.
In fact, if a website is optimized for search terms that are too obscure, it may not be found because there are no related searches. A specialized SEO strategy may include researching and optimizing for broader search terms that relate to the specialized business niche.
Localize, globally.

To send internet traffic to a brick-and-mortar business location, it is important to strategically integrate city, state and other keywords indicating the business location throughout the website.

Two benefits of using localizing SEO strategies:

• Sending internet traffic to both a physical location as well as an online store will increase sales.
• Lower competition: The search term “catering” is naturally more competitive than the search term “San Antonio catering”.
The reason most websites fail is simple. Lack of a good, comprehensive SEO strategy.

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