Top Web Searches for Small Business in 2010

Every year Google releases the most popular search lists they call The Google Zeitgeist and every year we see some new terms surge to the top of the list. The Google Zeitgeist looks at what the wider pop search world cares about, we look for what business owners care about.

WebSite101 has consistently searched for the top business terms that matter most to an entrepreneur in order to create content to serve our Small Business audience. We decided to show what brings the most visitors on Small Business terms and beef up those sections that visitors most consistently cared about in the past year. So here are the 100 articles (10 per item below) you, our valued WebSite101 readers, cared about most in 2010.

Small Business Zeitgeist

  1. Twitter Business Strategy
  2. Business Plans
  3. Business Email
  4. Business Ecommerce
  5. Business Goals
  6. Passion for Business
  7. Online Business
  8. Business Software
  9. Business Credit
  10. FaceBook for Business

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