Yahoo Home Page as Destination vs. Visit Google, Leave Google Immediately

Yahoo has released a video which pokes fun at the simple Google home page and the goal of answering queries quickly so visitors can immediately leave. Yahoo talks about how the home page should be a place for you or Y!OU as they put it. I’ve railed against this in the past because it has always annoyed me that Yahoo holds on to visitors rather than sending them to clients sites when they show up in the top search results there.

Yahoo! Keep the visitors -there aren’t enough who use the search. Now that MSN is taking over the search on YooVille – no need to worry about too many people using that search for long – they’ll use the decision engine to find stuff, then stay on Bing or MSN search partners or Yahoo content sites. I don’t see Yahoo sending more traffic – so they are now going to try to keep more of it – meaning the 4% they currently send to webmasters will decline even further.

Interesting idea though – good luck with that Y!OU business Yahoo.

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