Think You Can’t Afford a Quality Logo? Think Again!

Every business, from a one-man shop to a large-scale corporation, can benefit from a clever and memorable logo. A timeless, professionally designed logo forms the core of any strong brand, but getting such a logo can be a costly endeavor. Thankfully, there are many online logo designers eager to help businesspeople on a budget form a unique identity.

Budget-friendly Logo Design Firms

The Logo Factory
As the name suggests, The Logo Factory cranks out logos for a wide range of clients. Packages start at $395 and include preliminary designs, plenty of communication, and a finished logo in all standard file formats. The Logo Factory also offers affordable logo repair services, which are perfect when your existing logo is only on a beat-up business card or in an unusable file format.

Logo Design Guru
You can name your price for flights and hotels these days, so why not logo design? The folks at, who help companies find freelancers at the right budget, now offer Logo Design Guru. Define your project, name your price, and receive logo concepts from designers right away.

19 Dollar Logos
If you’re in a rush and on a spectacularly tight budget, 19 Dollar Logos may be the right choice for you. The process is quite different from other design firms: fill out a questionnaire, pay your $19, and get one custom logo in about a week. There is no back-and-forth with the designer about concepts and the visual quality may not match that from other designers, but 19 Dollar Logos fills an important niche for rushed and cash-strapped business people.

Other Online Channels for Cost-Effective Logos

Coroflot is a popular graphic design portfolio site and a great place to look for talented new designers. Do a Coroflot search on the word “logo,” and you will find identity designers around the world looking for freelance work. Explore designers’ portfolios that are of the style you’re looking for, then visit their websites for more information. Look for new designers, such as recently graduated students, to get the best deals.

Creative Hotlist
Creative Hotlist is another portfolio website that designers use to promote their work. You can search portfolios, use the “Find People to Hire” tool, or post a listing for your project. Because Creative Hotlist allows you to search designers by experience level – such as Junior or Freelance – you can easily find a new designer whose work fits your budget.

Orange Slyce
Student designers are a wonderful resource for logo design work on a budget as well. Students are looking to build their portfolios and try out the cutting-edge techniques they have just learned, so your projects can benefit their future careers. Orange Slyce helps hook up clients with student designers, and client listings are free. Logo design work starts at a reasonable $150.

Photo credits: Corporate Identity Kit by VFS Digital Design/flickr; swift-9 by Jon Gosier/flickr

Professional logo design once seemed out of the reach of small business owners and individuals, but new online services have made the task affordable, rewarding, and even fun. Whether you choose a $20 quickie logo, a $150 student project, or a $500 masterpiece, you’ll save thousands compared to large design firms and be well on your way to building your unique brand. has been designing professional logos for small businesses for over eleven years. Experience, affordability and professionalism is why Avery Petersen, a small business consultant, chooses them for his clients.

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