5 Best Blogs for Budding Entrepreneurs


Considering the particular challenges that tend to face the emerging entrepreneur, such as little start-up capital, feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks to be done, confusion about priorities, lack of mentors, unsupportive relatives and friends, or just plain fear, a blog that is actually helpful needs to fulfill at least one of these criteria:

1. Useful information that can be acted upon.

2. Encouraging/inspiring advice that reader can relate to on an emotional level.

3. Videos featuring successful entrepreneurs.

The blogs below fall into one or more of those categories.


This blog stands head and shoulders above the others on this list in that it would be foolish to be an entrepreneur, budding or established, and not follow this blog. It is updated all day long and has information about every conceivable subject pertaining to entrepreneurship, from entrepreneurial mindset to idea hatching to fund raising, marketing, distribution. Also, videos by entrepreneurs who have made it, and they are truly inspiring. Inc.com is a blog that has it all.


This is a blog that shines with extremely hands-on, practical how-to advice. It will teach an entrepreneur to perfect his elevator pitch as well as clarify the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it. In its tagline, Successwise compares itself with a “free business coach” which is a nice thing to have indeed! Like the rest of the blogs, they encourage subscription by email or RSS so nothing is ever missed.


This blog is chock-full of entrepreneurial ideas. These businesses already exist, but they are so quirky it is impossible not to slap one’s forehead in wonder and begin spouting brilliant ideas of one’s own. As far as mind-blowing, it’s the next best thing to an oxygen bar. Any entrepreneur reading Springwise will feel galvanized and ready to tackle anything.


Copyblogger, while seemingly geared toward writers intent on improving their copyrighting or content writing skills, it is so much more. The truth is, a business won’t go anywhere without strong writing at its core. How will potential customers find out about a new product or service? Through marketing. What drives marketing? Presentation, which is based on writing and graphics. Press releases, web content, email marketing, and more are all skills a business needs, and they all depend on strong writing skills. Copyblogger is therefore a treasure trove. In addition, they feature useful tutorials in SEO, content writing, and more.

Think Big, Be Big Entrepreneurs

A very organized blog that is, in its own words, “dedicated to providing news, reviews and opinions on the growing business, media, mobile, technology, social, media and Lifestyle Design market space.” Reading this blog is helpful no matter what business an entrepreneur is engaged in for the simple reason that it is process oriented. The materials on this blog specialize on the learning process on how to become a successful entrepreneur, through articles, resources, and an extensive video library where it is possible to learn anything from social media to economics.

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