Celebrate Independence Day-Celebrate Small Business

Today is the day we celebrate our freedom from the tyranny of British rule … and small business owners celebrate the freedom from their bosses. Now they are their own boss and creating a whole new world for themselves and their families. Following their hearts to their dreams of being independent and financially secure. Building a new model of self-employed success with their own hands. The stuff on which this great country was built upon.

Take some time to think about all that independence day means to you. Take stock of all things great and small in our lives that we sometimes take for granted. Centuries ago a die was cast that has benefited all man-kind, not just us here in the US. Some of us have taken longer than others to embrace independence as a right and realize that tyranny and dictatorship is something to rebel against. Thanks to our forefathers that paved the way for the greater good in the world.

So, thinking about your small business and your journey to financial freedom … a process that can sometimes be daunting and full of obstacles. A new approach may be in order. Taking time to discover the fun and beauty in creating your own destiny. Check out the words of wisdom below for a little thought provoking guidance.

Happy 4th Of July!!! Happy Small Business Independence Day!

Words of Wisdom for Small Business

Hang in there. It gets better.

Listen to those who encourage your business and dreams and ignore the naysayers.

Keep trying stuff. It will eventually work.

Find what does work and replicate it to the extent you can.

Have the courage to take new approaches to old problems.

Realize that fear of the future of your business is OK, normal and healthy. What actions you take in response to that fear will shape your destiny.

Never stop learning. Look to the gurus and gather as much information as you can, then work on one thing. The real answers will come from within you in how you apply what you learn.

Remember who you???re working for and what???s really important to you.

Don???t take ethical shortcuts, lie, cheat or steal. Karma???s a bitch and so is the mirror.

Recognize that you are what powers the economic engine of your country and the planet.

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