Creative Uses for Pinterest – Infographic

Pinterest is a great creative organizing tool that is growing in popularity on the Web. It’s addicting to check out all the cool bulletin boards that other have created, and it’s also incredibly useful in other ways. It is especially popular with people who do crafts, but almost anyone can benefit from it. Pinterest is essentially a way of visually organizing anything. You “pin” pictures and links in any order or fashion you want, and use the bulletin boards you create to organize links, remember things, create designs, visualize concepts, stir up inspiration, share things with others … And on and on. To get the most out of Pinterest, install the Pin It tool so you can easily pin anything you come across online. Here are some of the many creative uses of Pinterest:

If you are trying to make a decision on a purchase, use Pinterest to help you find your favorite choice. For example, use it if you want to buy a new couch or if you are a bride-to-be trying to select a wedding dress. While searching the Internet for the perfect dress, use Pinterest to pin every one you find that is appealing to you. Then, look over your board to compare all the dresses side-by-side. It will be so much easier to pick the one you like best when you can view them all at once on the same page. Even if the decision you need to make isn’t a purely visual one, you can still use Pinterest. Pin images of every digital camcorder you look at so you can easily find each site again, like a more appealing bookmark.

Working with Clients

If you are a designer or event planner who is working with a client, you can use Pinterest together. Have your client search online for things they find appealing, and have them pin the images together on one bulletin board to share with you. You can then look over all of their choices and get a better understanding of their taste and preferences. If you are designing flower arrangements, you can get a good sense of what your client wants if you have them pin together some bouquets they like online.

Increasing Blog Traffic

If you have a blog or a Web site, create bulletin boards on Pinterest as a marketing tool. If you put together an attractive montage of photos and images from your site, it might encourage viewers to follow your links and browse. Create themed bulletin boards and use your most appealing photos for best results.

Find Ideas

One of the best uses of Pinterest isn’t in creating your own bulletin boards, but viewing the ones others have already created. If you are interested in a certain project or topic, you can use the search feature to find related boards and browse them. This can be a great way to get inspired. If you want to bake a birthday cake for your child or find a use for an old sock, chances are you can find more than one collection of ideas.


You can use Pinterest to quickly and easily create scrapbook pages of your own photos to share. Simply “pin” the photos you have already posted on your favorite photo-sharing Web site and arrange them on your bulletin board. You can also put together photos that any friends or family members have posted so they can be viewed all at once. For example, if more than one person took pictures at Grandpas retirement party, use Pinterest to collect them all in one place and share them with guests.

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