How You Will Get My Business

As well as running my own business, I’m also a consumer. I have my favorite grocery store, restaurants, clothing stores and coffee shops. Most people tend to go back to the same places. Is your business sluggish and slow to build customers? How do you pick up business and expand your net? The best place to find that answer is you. Ask yourself why you always go to the little coffee shop on Main street instead of Starbucks which is closer to your house. Or why you pay a little more to shop at Thriftway instead of Walmart.

Here’s how you can get my business, and I’m sure many others’ business too.


Yep. When I go into a coffee shop and they know me by name or my drink, that makes me feel a little better each morning. That someone cares about me. It can be as small as a “hi how are you doing today” that makes me come back to your business. Yet so many fail at it.

Bring in the Community

Nothing is worse than the cold, sterile feeling of the corporate world. I want to support a business that gives back to my community. I want to feel proud of where I shop. Stores that have community days and participate in school drives and fundraisers show me that my business matters and where I live matters.

Be Available

Can I call and talk to the owner if I need to? If I have a question will it take days to get an answer? It makes a huge difference if the owner/management is available at the business. Whether by phone, email or in person, being able to contact them means I can shop with a sense of trust.

Be Nice to My Kids

Did I make you cringe? I’m not talking about catering to bratty kids who wreak havoc (luckily mine are for the most part well behaved in public). I mean, if I’m banking at your bank, saying a quick hello to my kids goes a long way. Giving them a sticker at the checkout does too. I can’t always get a sitter for when I run errands and knowing that my kids are well received at your business means I’ll stop there.


This one’s pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t smile! It instantly makes me feel like I want to get out as fast as possible. It’s not hard. A quick smile when I walk in instantly sets the tone for my trip and encourages me to return.

Lisa Coronado is a content writer for Custom Magnets.

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