How to Make Quick Easy Fixes for DLL Errors

Quick and Easy Fixes for DLL Errors

Anyone who has the Windows operating system installed has most likely come across DLL errors at some time or another. DLL files are critical components of your Windows operating system. These files were originally developed by the Microsoft Corporation to create a central library from where various programs and applications on your computer can access functions stored in them. This inherent ability of DLL files to be shared among multiple applications reduces the amount of duplicate code files on your computer and makes your Windows system more efficient.

Causes of DLL Errors

There can be many causes of DLL errors. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Hardware malfunction
  • Defective hard drive
  • Defective memory modules, CPU and other hardware components
  • Out-of-date system BIOS
  • Missing or incompatible DLL files
  • Malware infections
  • Registry problems
  • Faulty and buggy software
  • Outdated device drivers and other software

Let us have a look at couple of examples.

Tai2.dll not found error: Tai2.dll gets installed on your computer when you install AOL???s Top-speed program. This error can be corrected by reinstalling the AOL Top speed application. If you have already uninstalled the AOL Top speed and still find the tai2.dll error appearing on your computer, you probably have some orphaned keys in your system registry. In such a case, the quickest and the easiest fix would be to perform a registry scan. There are a number of effective registry scanners out there on the Internet. Download a tool with good user reviews and scan your registry to detect and fix DLL issues.

Xpcom_Core.dll Error: Yet another DLL error that can be quickly fixed is the xpcom_core.dll error. The xpcom_core.dll file comes packaged with the popular Mozilla Firefox browser. Browsers are often subjected to malicious virus and spyware attacks, so your xpcom_core.dll error may occur due to a virus infection, which may cause damage to DLL files on your computer. To check whether this is the reason, you should scan the drive where you???ve installed your Mozilla Firefox browser with an updated anti-virus scanner. If you don???t have an antivirus program installed, you can even run an online virus scan to search for malware on your computer. Furthermore, you must check for and install the latest updates for Firefox.

Easy Fixes for DLL Errors

Besides the aforementioned errors, a number of DLL problems can appear on your computer. Some easy DLL error fixes that you can follow include:

  • Reinstall or update the programs that use the DLLs generating errors.
  • Retain shared DLL files while uninstalling software, unless you are completely sure that they are not required anywhere else.
  • Search for deleted DLL files in the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Use a file recovery program to try and recover the missing DLL files.
  • Update all your device drivers and software using the appropriate tools.
  • Scan and remove virus and spyware from your computer using efficient virus and spyware scanner tools.
  • Scan and clean your registry using a reliable registry tool.

A little vigilance and a certain amount of PC maintenance goes a long way in keeping your PC error free and at its best performance.

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