How to Create Business Procedures: Tutorials at WebSite101

by Samuel Spoldir

A lack of a well defined and adhered to business system is a big time reason most businesses underperform or operate poorly. It doesn’t have to be that way… Documenting procedures can be done both quickly and easily by utilizing free or inexpensive off the shelf programs. I am going to cover the three steps for creating a business system and tuning it up for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Create the Systems In this step you want to start out by actually putting together the documentation for how to perform tasks to run the business. To make this even easier you should use video documentation or screen captures of the processes. A couple of tools for screen capturing I use and recommend:

CamStudio is a freely available, light weight screen capture program for producing web friendly flash files. Camtasia Studio can be had for a couple hundred bucks and has many more bells and whistles when compared with CamStudio.

When documenting the business system first start out by recording yourself describing and performing the procedure. Then watch the video while taking notes that will augment the video, once completed put the notes together with the video and now you have a procedure that can be assigned to an employee, intern or contractor.

  1. Monitor the Results Now that you have a system in place the next critical ingredient is to develop and track the data results or other metrics that are produced by or result of the business systems. Some key processes that can be measured:
  2. Sales Customer support tickets Web traffic sources Sales letter conversions PPC campaigns

  3. Kaizen the Systems One of the biggest issues after implementing a business system is becoming complacent with the results, don’t let this happen. You need to take action on the data collected, methodically kaizen (continuously improve) the business systems by removing waste while delivering more value to customers.

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