How to Make the Perfect Elevator Pitch

ABC’s of the Perfect Elevator Pitch

One of the most important things a business owner can do is learn how to speak about their business to others. Being able to answer the “What do you do?” question and sum up the unique aspects of their business in a way that excites others to inquire more in a brief and concise manner. This is often called the elevator pitch for the intended time it takes you to ride an elevator. Can you answer the “what do you do?” question in 30 seconds or less and entice your audience to want to learn more? Sometimes going back to the basics is the best approach to learn a new technique. Just remember the ABC’s.

A. Audience

Know your audience and the specific needs your product and/or service serve. You want to be able to drill down to your ideal customer (your niche) and be able to target their demands in your elevator pitch. Many business owners have no idea who their ideal customers are or how to drill down and target their demands, so one way to set you apart is to really understand your target audience.

B. Benefits

What value or benefits are you bringing to your audience? Be concise and be specific. Many business owners are either too broad in this statement or confuse features with benefits. A benefit statement is always from the buyer’s point of view and what they receive from using your product or service. For example, increased profits by 22%, reduced risk, created 18% efficiency resulting in higher profits, etc.

C. Creative Offering

Now, imagine searching for one exact fish in a very large pond and all you have is one “hook” to reel that fish in. Now next to your hook are thousands of other hooks that your competition has casted into the same pond. If you don’t know what will make that one fish bite on your hook, you will be landing your fish by luck rather than by skill. Being able to develop your marketing “hook”, specific to your fish, will require you to know exactly who your customer is and the benefits you bring to them. This will entice them to buy from you. Your creative offering should be why you are different. Many competitors are bringing the same benefits to your target market. So, why are you different?

You know your business better than anyone and you are the best suited to show your passion about what you do. Allow your passion to come through and speak from your heart. As long as you understand your audience, what specifically you do for them and in what unique way, you will master the elevator pitch.

About the Author: Kellie D’Andrea is the creator of the BLAST 90 Day Coaching Program and teaches biz owners how to build the business of their dreams for a life of freedom, profits and fulfillment. Interesting in growing your business, sign up for her FREE mini course “The Empowered Entrepreneur” and learn how to take the journey to freedom, profits and fulfillment at

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