How To Make Your Business More Welcoming

When someone walks into your office or your store, what are they greeted with? Is it warm welcoming images? What kinds of smells do they smell or sounds do they hear? These may all be subconscious things that they’re perceiving but everything matters when you want them to come back. Here are some easy but important ways to make your place of business more inviting.

Custom Sign

When the street is chock full of businesses, a snazzy and colorful sign will attract people like bees to honey. It stands out and sets you apart. Plus it looks like you care about your business and will therefore care about your customers.

Bright Interior Paint

When someone walks into your store, what colors are they presented with? Dark and dreary? Plain white? Cheery yellow or bright blue? The color of your walls has a huge effect on mood and perception and should reflect the feeling of your company. Don’t skimp on this!

Giveaways At The Counter

When you’re ringing your customers up or giving them a flyer about your business, include a custom giveaway like a pen or magnet with your logo and info on it. It’s a small token that is almost always used and never thrown away. And a nice little touch.


Every time I walk into my bank and they have a sucker for my daughter, it makes me smile. Having a little treat dish for kids or those sugar loving customers is a really nice gesture. It doesn’t cost very much at all and people will look forward to a small treat when they visit your store.

Happy Sounds

A bit of background music works wonders. Depending on the kind of business you run, having some low volumed ambience is wonderful. Whether it’s classical music or some great 70’s tunes, customers will find themselves humming or tapping along. They’ll walk out a bit happier and want to return. I know this because I go to the same coffee shop partly because I love the music they play when I’m there. It works!

Smells Like Roses

Ok not necessarily roses, but a pleasant and non-assulting smell is a smart way to entice customers back. Whether it is a vase of fresh flowers or some lemon pledge you just used to dust the shelves, when people smell something welcoming they’ll want to come back. And if you own a restaurant, well the food should speak (or smell) for itself.

Lisa Coronado is a content writer for Custom Magnets.

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