Business Success Begins Within

It’s ironic how many folks wait to start their own business because the timing or outside conditions don’t seem right and yet once they begin, they see that success was always an inner game.

Successful business owners recognize the connection between their authentic makeup and their marketplace edge.

I think that’s what Buechner was referring to when he said. “Vocation is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” The need is the market and your deep gladness can only be expressed as your authentic edge. You can only start your business successfully after you do your inner discovery.

What’s the most effective way to bring out your authentic edge?

Hold frequent conversations with your inner guidance. Why not? You’re talking to yourself all the time anyway; why not access your most brilliant wisdom?

Inner guidance is the spiritual part of you that somehow has a better view on what would be good for you. Some refer to it is higher self, soul or core self. Call it what makes you comfortable.

The point is, there is accurate information there; it’s just for you and only you can access it. Your core self speaks in the intuitive language of true calling.

An authentic edge is always grounded in the carefree being of the present moment. But you won’t connect unless you step back, slow down and look at the big picture. In this moment you’re always okay. In this moment all is really well.

It can only be from that perspective that you’ll have a meaningful conversation and see what you’ve so far been missing.

Are you working an inauthentic, outside-focused business or career? Perhaps it’s time for you to sharpen your authentic edge by going within and tapping your inner guidance.

Your edge, or marketplace advantage, comes directly from your willingness to move into your authentic power. Authentic business building is the willingness to start and maintain a business strategically from your core makeup.

The marketplace rewards authentic expression. Your small business idea came to you and that means that you are in the best position to make it happen. Trust your gut. Confidence attracts support and confidence increases in proportion to authentic engagement.

An outside focus will dull your authentic edge by positioning you in the reactionary hell of deadly comparisons. Success comes from looking within to determine the purpose of your business and that purpose must have a whole lot of you in it.

By Tom Volkar

True Calling StartUp Coach Tom Volkar guides successful leaps to the freedom of self-employment. Visit or his blog and get your FREE True Calling Guidebook. The world awaits your authentic business and Tom is inspired to guide you to a successful launch.

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