Google Small Business Interior Photos for Maps

One of the biggest challenges to small business is to get people in the front door to see your incredible restaurant, store full of cool products or cozy and attractive service business. Google is making an attempt to resolve that dilemma for local business owners. They’ve launched an equivalent to Google street view for business interiors called Google Business Photos which can expose your amazing local business to the world.

The Google promotional video below shows an animated version of what that might look like for an “underground” restaurant which offers far more once inside than the street view promises.

Google has put up a Business Photos FAQ (which shows currently available cities) for small business owners to address some questions you might have about the process.

If you are interested in having your business interior photographed, here’s the Business Photos Application page at Google.

There is a Google Maps forums question about whether Google will be hiring photographers or freelancers to shoot those photos – as of this writing – no answers yet.

Here’s the Google jobs page if you are a photographer looking for a full time Google gig – no results there under keyword “photographer” yet.

This story has started a buzz among commercial photographers already – one form of small business that is likely to be impacted.

WebSite101 is very interested in hearing your experiences with Google Business Photos, please consider contributing either in the comments below or submit articles on the topic for publication here.

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