Internet Business 101 to MBA – Degrees and Courses in Web Business

Below are courses in Internet Business for those interested in enrolling in University or College programs in Internet Marketing or eCommerce. We’ll add to this list as we become aware of more courses or degreed programs:

It’s graduation time for scholars and most are thinking about being finished with their education. But it got me thinking about the fact that I changed careers after a very expensive college education. I switched to something entirely unrelated – Internet Business. But I did that over 10 years ago when there was no such thing as a degree in Internet Marketing or courses in eCommerce.

Getting started in Internet Business used to mean simply adapting whatever you learned or whatever you already knew to the web, but there are now full courses of study around internet marketing and web ecommerce offered at universities and colleges around the country. Now, even better, you can learn online through many accredited programs. It should be stated up front that this is NOT about Information Technology (IT) or software development, or programming, but Internet Business.

So let’s jump right in and look at the course and degree descriptions of those schools offering internet business degrees.

We’ll start off on the low end with “courses” in internet business and progress through full Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degrees. The descriptions come straight from the educational institution web sites.

I’ve got to say that if I were to choose a school based purely on the web site user experience (UX), I’d go for Full Sail University.

Ashworth College:Internet Marketing Course

Course Description: Internet marketers coordinate the efforts of programmers, advertisers, marketing and sales staff to ensure that an organization’s products and services are promoted effectively and creatively to website visitors and email recipients. Our comprehensive course begins with basic marketing and advertising principles. Next you’ll learn about targeting specific consumer audiences, building an e-business, online promotional strategies, website navigation, using technology to maintain customer services, security issues and much more.

American International University: eCommerce Course

Course Description: Electronic Commerce provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of online marketing, creating a web site, gaining customers online. Ms. Myriam LeConte is the instructor for this course. AIU???s Mission and Vision are founded upon the Declaration of Human Rights which specifies Education as a human right. AIU is doing its part by making learning materials, college courses, and academic research Publicly Accessible. This online distance learning Electronic Commerce course is open to the public as part of Atlantic International Univerity’s Open Access Initiative (AIU Open Access). In order to gain college credit and/or receive the completion certificate for Electronic Commerce, participants must be registered as students with AIU.

Full Sail University: Internet Marketing Degree

Degree Description: Full Sail???s Internet Marketing Bachelor of Science Online Degree Program is designed to give its students a practical, real-world education in the rapidly progressing world of integrated marketing. It will show you the basic components that are core of any successful marketing plan, while bringing newer Internet channels into focus.

University of Phoenix: eBusiness Degree

Degree Description: If you’re interested in pursuing a bachelor’s in e-business degree, consider our Bachelor of Science in Business / e-Business degree program. Offered through the University of Phoenix School of Business, this undergraduate e-business degree concentration is available online or at a University of Phoenix campus location.

Keller Graduate School of Management: Ecommerce Concentration

Degree Description: Focusing on skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to the workplace and tapping into the professional expertise of faculty who are industry leaders and know what it takes to succeed in corporate environments, the Keller MBA with an E-Commerce Management concentration can help give you a professional edge in one of today’s most exciting and innovative technology fields.

Mercy College:Internet Business Systems MBA

Course Description: Six core courses lay the foundation for a successful Internet business in management, marketing, technology and design. After completing these, you can select specialized advanced electives. The culminating activity for the Program is a team-oriented capstone project that integrates the knowledge and skills developed in the entire program.

I’ll add more to this list as I become aware of them. This list was gathered using Google, so blame the university (or their lead generator site) for poor knowledge of SEO if I didn’t find your school to add to the list here. 🙂

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