Kinds of Packaging Material to Meet Your Business Needs

An online business is one of the easiest business models because you can operate your business in the comfort of your own home, you don’t need to put up that much capital or even hire workers. However, there is one aspect which you have to be particular with and that is mailing your products. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with local or international clientele, you need to get one thing done – make sure that your products get to your customers efficiently.

For online merchants, choosing a good packaging material can mean the difference between a thriving business and an unsatisfied customer. So what are the choices that merchants have?


The classic packaging material, cardboard boxes have been in existence all the way since 1817. Inexpensive to produce, and less heavy and easier to use than the leading material of that time, wooden crates, cardboard boxes has been used in the mail for, literally, for centuries now. The only problem with this material is that they do weigh significantly especially when you’re sending smaller objects, sealing them can be tricky and they’re not water resistant, naturally. And while there are boxes which make use of corrugated fiberboard, there are still those which aren’t that sturdy.

Bubble Wrap

Although used more as a protective material to ensure that fragile items are cushioned, bubble wrap has become a mainstay in the mailing industry. Not only do they keep your customers orders from being damaged while in transit, they are also incredibly entertaining. Of course, there has been public outcry about bubble wrap because of how they neither are non-reusable nor recyclable. If you’re trying to win the love of green advocates, try using popcorn or shredded paper, and the former can serve as an extra treat to your customers or their pet birds, too.

Mailing Bags

The newest addition to the family of packing materials, mailing bags have become popular throughout the years because of their features. The great ones have self-sealing flaps which keep packages tightly sealed without making it difficult for customers to later open the bag. Being made of synthetic material, mailing bags can resist tears that come with the inevitable tugging and pulling, and are water resistant. Another great thing about mailing bags is that they come in different colors including transparent so you can choose bags which reflect the nature of your business. Most mailing bags come in different sizes.

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