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Do you ever sit in front of your computer and wonder? What do I do next to get the word out about my website? There a lot of people out there creating tools to make your online marketing easier. There is a marketing site that gives you a plethora of information to make that question go away, all you have to do is become a member. Sounds great to have all that at your fingertips, doesn’t it? Check out the press release below for more information.

New One-Stop Online Resource for Small Business Marketing is a new membership site for small businesses that want expert marketing advice on how to get their marketing tasks done better, faster and less expensively. provides objective, up-to-date advice about the pros, cons and realities of different marketing techniques, along with cost data and supplier reviews for marketing companies, services and tools.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 2, 2011
“Successful small businesses want what big companies have: Experts who find and filter the best and most actionable information on how to do marketing, along with gathering and updating information on marketing costs and suppliers, organized in one place,” said Derrith Lambka, a former Hewlett-Packard marketing executive and founder of levels the playing field between big companies with full-service agencies and purchasing departments, and small businesses forced to figure everything out on their own. For $23 per month for an annual Premium Membership, or $34.95 for a month-to-month plan, small businesses can get expert small business marketing advice for the cost of a nice lunch.

The experts offering this small business marketing advice include founder Derrith Lambka, former Director of Advertising for HP, who has worked as a consultant to Fortune 100 clients advising them on how to improve the effectiveness of their marketing. She’s joined by two senior partners, Page Donovan and Thuha Nguyen, who have equivalent expertise in online marketing, email marketing, website creation, social media, media buying, direct marketing and marketing analytics. The editorial Board of Advisors includes some of the most respected marketing professionals in the industry.

This subscription-based model ensures provides objective, up-to-date advice about the pros, cons and realities of using different small business marketing techniques, along with marketing cost data and supplier reviews for small business marketing companies, services and tools. Premium Members pay for access to credible, hard-to-find information to help them save time and money, two things that are very valuable to busy small businesses. They’re also joining an exclusive member community with tools that enable them to share their small business marketing advice and exchange ideas with peers from their industry or geographic region.’s more than 2,000 articles, all researched and written by the partners and editorial team, include How-To Guides on marketing topics such as advertising, direct mail, email marketing, websites, branding, social media, PR and seminars and events.

“We designed to focus on what small businesses need to know to get marketing done: How to do it, what it costs, who can help,” Lambka says. “We’re a virtual full-service agency for subscribers. We don’t promote one small business marketing approach over another. Instead, we advise our Premium Members on options and alternatives, and arm them with marketing costs and data on typical results so they can make an informed decision about what they want to do. Then we provide the How-to Guides and supplier recommendations to get it done, whether they want to do it themselves, or hire someone.”’s 2,000 plus articles, along with advice shared by the community, is organized by topic, so all of the information on a particular subject is in one place. Editors continuously update the articles based on their research and feedback from the community. “ is like an always-being-edited book, online,” said Lambka. also facilitates community discussion. “We’re starting the conversation,” Lambka said, “and inviting small business owners and small business marketing professionals to share their experiences and practical tips.” Specific advice categories for a topic like email newsletters include: what works; what doesn’t work; tips for beginners; new marketing approaches; best resources; best suppliers; and how to save money. The advice shared is attributed to the person who gives it, with the option for them to include their website, blog and Twitter information so people can learn more about them.

“There are 37 million searches done every month for marketing-related terms,” said Lambka. “Every small business is trying to figure things out on their own. Now for less than the cost of going out for a nice lunch, the 27 million small businesses in the U.S. can pay for a one-stop, online resource with credible, expert small business marketing advice, along with marketing cost and supplier reviews, to help them grow their businesses. That saves them time and money and helps them get better results.”

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