List of Merchant Account Providers that Accept Currencies in Dollars and Euros

Many of the offshore merchant account providers accept multi-currency payments to accommodate the needs of their international clients throughout the world. Here is the list of merchant account providers accepting funds in dollars and euros namely: AIB, Abbey, ChrononPay, StradaFee, First Atlantic Commerce, HSBC, Barclays, Panama Wholesale Offshore Services, Instabill, and World Pay.

A merchant account provider is an essential part of the business. It handles all credit card related processes with ease as well facilitate smooth-sailing online transactions. For those who have international businesses, several merchant account providers cater to foreign clients through their multi-currency payment solutions namely:


AIB is an international banking account, which offers offshore banking services in all major currencies like sterling, euro, and US dollars. It allows you to make payments and transfers through phone and fax making it more convenient on the part of the clients. A 24/7 online banking is also made accessible for a quality service.


An offshore foreign exchange service that offers electronic transfers and telephone banking; accepts currencies like US dollars, Euros, Singaporean dollars and more. All the rates offered are commission free, which make it competitive.


Offers a tailored payment solution with multi-currency processing, ChronoPay is a highly flexible online one-stop-shop. It provides you with screening software that can be customized according to your needs, a 24/7 technical support, consultancy services, risk management for its merchants.


StradaFee is a recognized offshore merchant and high risk merchant accounts provider. Aside from US dollars and Euro currencies, it also accepts currencies for 12 European countries like Austria, France, Spain, Belgium and more. With their flexible payment schemes, they can help you out with all you credit card processing needs. First Atlantic Commerce


Providing you with all the solutions for online transactions, HSBC caters to different countries worldwide with its multi-currency payment like euros, dollars, francs, and a whole lot more. This gives you the power to manage your accounts as well as your financial needs.


Barclays is an overseas account, which gives the following benefits: safe offshore merchant account, multi-currency payment solutions, discounted international payments, and online and phone banking. You’ll have an easy access to your account for money transfers and receiving money.

Panama Wholesale Offshore Services

Their existence is designed to cater online transactions in any part of the world; thus, they accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, and JCB. These transactions can take the form of any currency such as US Dollars, Euros, and Great British Pound and Japanese Yen.


To get potential clients internationally, Instabill find it more profitable to accept various currencies such as Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Euros, and US Dollars. This is one way of maximizing their sales through the use of e-commerce technology.

World Pay

A merchant account provider and a payment gateway at the same time, World Pay is owned by royal bank of Scotland. It belongs to the top 5 largest banks in the world; therefore, accepts various currencies including Japanese Yen, US Dollars, and British Pounds. This facilitates convenience of transaction wherever you may be; without having to worry about the conversion rate.

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