Top 5 Ways To Motivate Your Employees During The Holiday Season

Keeping employees happy and engaged in their job during the winter months can be tough; longer days at the office, less sunshine and financial stresses can all play on an employees mind. With so many distractions such as office parties, shopping for presents, writing and sending Christmas cards and even Christmas romances; as the boss you need to find ways to keep your employees motivated so that Santa brings a big bonus check for the new year and for all. Here are the top five ways to motivate your employees during the holiday season.

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Be goal oriented

Keep focus and morale up by setting goals which will challenge employees; making them feel like they are working through the sludge-full winter months. Winter can tend to drag by much of the time, so by setting achievable goals for your employees to work towards can be vital. The goals should be challenging for an employee to work towards; though beware not to set the bar too high to avoid discouragement.

Use the office to create a positively festive atmosphere

Employees would always prefer to be with their family at Christmas instead of working long hours in the office. So, why not make your office into a place which makes your employees feel comfortable in? A team building exercise can be used to decorate the office with festive charm and spirit, making handmade crafts, spreading tinsel, glitter and everything “ho-ho-ho!” around the office. Make the usually dull office into a warm, friendly place which will induce a happy working ethic in your employees.

Use Christmas to your Advantage

Be creative with your Christmas activities in the office. On top of going for the standard Christmas meal and drinks, why not plan an interesting activity somewhere? For example, why not plan a festive scavenger hunt with the prize of an extra day of paid holiday in the New Year? Now, that’s a Christmas incentive! Planning activities such as this will build rapport between you and your colleagues whilst boosting morale and camaraderie of the whole office.

Secret Santa alternatives

Instead of holding a Secret Santa this year; why not switch it up a bit? A great idea is to do something for a local charity that the office agrees on, perhaps running an event to raise money to buy presents for underprivileged children.

Keep hours flexible

In 2013, flexible working laws are going to be changing to be more accommodating to the common employee. 75% of companies believe that employees are more productive when given flexibility within their working schedule. Hammer this home to your employees, and it’s guaranteed that this news alone will make them respond positively.

In conclusion, creating an environment at Christmas where your employees are worked into the ground will just discourage them from focusing and being productive overall. If you as the boss successfully play to the advantages that Christmas brings, your employees could be the most productive that they have been all year!

Many thanks to Jenny B and the Telegraph Jobs team for this festive article.

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