How to Find The Best Small Business Office

What’s the Best Office Space Model?

Office space used to refer to one thing – it was the property a company occupied to conduct business. The company leased space, paid for utilities and employee parking. Cubicles, conference rooms, and perhaps a break room with coffee makers and vending machines were provided for employees to carry out their duties. As they say in Estate Agencies, it was all about “location, location, location.”

Frequently, this commercial property was located in a building, sub-divided and leased to several different companies. As a result of modern day technologies such as the Internet, cell phones and wireless hubs, this is now not the case.

Many companies see the traditional office as part of an outdated business model that is inflexible and costly. Today, office space has multiple meanings, depending on the type of business and its requirements. Office business centers, or executive suites, are a modified version of the traditional office. A small area of furnished space is leased in a building created specifically for this purpose. It is used for appointments with clients, large meetings and individual workspace. Frequently receptionist services, utilities and a common break room are provided. This balances the need for a full service office environment with a lower overhead.

Virtual Office Space

Virtual office space relies on technology to make businesses as streamlined as needed. The virtual office has access to an assortment of space and communication services. Space services are supplied on an “as needed” basis and can provide a variety of benefits. Having the use of a physical mailing address in a professional building alleviates concerns about using a home mailing address. In many cases reception courtesies can include notary services, signing for packages and document drop-off/pick-up services. In many cases communication services include the virtual assistant who works from home, remote receptionists, who are connected remotely via the company’s virtual private network and answering services or voicemail.

The Best Office Space Model

There is no single office space model that works for all companies and business types. In today’s business environment, the option that works best for a company is the one that reduces overhead, increases efficiency and creates the best work-life balance for its employees. Constantly evolving technology requires new strategies for businesses to keep up with market changes. For some, this will continue to mean traditional brick and mortar locations with updated infrastructures. However, for many businesses, from small start-ups to larger, established firms, the virtual office environment and its many benefits out-weigh the negatives.

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