Making Your Small Business Appear Big Online

The best thing about the internet is the fact that small businesses appear big even when they are not. The Internet has been called the “great equalizer” because small businesses can interact with consumers and prospects the same way that big companies can even with their limited resources. These local businesses even have the greater advantage of being more flexible and creative in interacting with customers. There are a number of ways that small businesses can take advantage of the Internet but these are the more common strategies.

1. Resource Center

When consumers go online, it is because they want to get hold of useful information. If it is information that they want, than that’s exactly what small businesses should grant them. By coming up with an entire collection of helpful and relevant articles, a small business can build authority by being a resource center. You don’t have to stick with purely written content. Small businesses can also release videos and podcasts. If your goal is to become a resource center, you need to put the quality of your content above everything else. You’ll know that you’ve achieved that goal if you detect an increase in traffic to your website.

2. Blog

The thing that is great about maintaining blogs is that you can interact with your consumers and prospects, and still promote your business through content. Provide links to your website on your blogs and you can effectively increase traffic to your business’ website. If you want your readers to be more participative, you can probably pose a question at the very end of your posts and solicit for their opinion. You can also use your blog to announce promotional gimmicks like contests and freebies.

3. Newsletters

The principle behind newsletters is that businesses establish connections with prospective customers so that when these individuals are ready to make a purchase, they’ll be more inclined to purchase from these businesses. Basically, you entice your prospects to purchase from you by sending them promotional material through email. But because they’re more likely to send your email to the trash if you badger them with product offers, then you need to be provide useful information in your newsletters and just mention products enough to pique your readers’ interest. Provide links to your website and blogs on your newsletters so that readers can won’t have a hard time when they’re ready to make a purchase.  

Chris Marentis writes from his experience for 25 years growing and developing businesses. His company, Surefire Social provides local marketing services and local seo marketing

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