Save On Shipping Costs For Small Businesses

Start up businesses face a lot of challenges. From gathering a customer base to developing a marketing strategy all needs to be figured out early on in the process of starting a new business. With this in mind, it can seem overwhelming and daunting to try and figure out exactly where to start. Thankfully, there are some tricks you can work with.

Like all companies, big or small, your corporation will need to use the mail and other postal services in order to do business. There are ways start-up businesses can save on these mailing options. For example:

  1. Planning ahead will save you money. It costs extra money to overnight a package and it also costs time. In fact, with less people using the post offices these days, your overnight package may not literally mean next day delivery.
  2. Sending out newsletters, postcards, and cards to customers who aren’t interested is a waste of your time and money. For the customers that throw your mail directly in the trash, ask if they’d rather be put on an e-mail list instead or taken off your roster altogether. This way, the only customers that get things in the mail from your company are the customers that are truly interested.
  3. No mail carrier is a monopoly so it’s fair to compare prices. If you find USPS to be too costly, check out UPS, FedEx, or any other package delivery service. You can also switch around if one is having a better deal than another at a certain time.

  4. Have you heard of private electronic mail? It’s similar to e-mail but its private clickable messages that can go to your customers and because it won’t clog their inbox, they may prefer it to traditional e-mail messages. Check out companies like Zumbox and Earth Class Mail to see what it is all about.
  5. See if any mailing companies have business deals. While some package mailing companies offer the same price for residential and business mail, others have special deals with companies that can offer them discounted rates on their business needs. If your company does a lot of shipping, you may want to look into that.

For those working in small business management careers, nothing is more important than saving money and helping your business to grow. Although some parts of the business industry you’ll have to figure out, when it comes to shipping costs, you know you have help. Follow these tips and your own intuition so your business can grow.

Allison is a copywriter for an online career school. To learn more visit PCDI’s small business management school.

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