Serviced Offices – Why Choose Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices provide some fantastic options for the small business owner who needs an office space but does not have the means to set up and provide everything that a traditional office requires.

This type of office is owned by a facility management company who will provide, in exchange for a rental fee, several much needed services, benefits, and facilities that the small business owner will almost certainly need. The leases on these office spaces are often more flexible and short term, and designed in a way that if the business changes size or suddenly needs a change in location, it’s easy to accommodate.

Sometimes, serviced offices are the perfect choice for businesses because they need a local regional office, and have their main, corporate offices many miles away away. Perhaps they just need a small, and sometimes temporary, presence in an area. The low capital often associated with small or new businesses means they benefit from this set up, and this helps them quickly acquire what they need without a large investment. Other business needs that this type of office is also good for include overflow office space, interim, and project based. As you can see, there is a huge diversity in the need for this type of office.

With serviced offices, the provision of so many things benefit these types of businesses. Some of the services that are typically offered include receptionist service, IT service, administrative assistance, and telecom services. Having these services set up is half the struggle in a traditional business. You must interview staff, and then hope that you have made the right choice. Facilities that are often overwhelmingly costly for new or temporary businesses that this type of office space frequently provides includes conference rooms, security, insurance, utilities, furniture, and meeting rooms. Without these items, some of these businesses could not function at the level they want to. Furniture alone can prove to be incredibly expensive to set up with just the basics.

There are many benefits to choosing serviced offices over traditional offices. You may have to look at all the terms to see which method of set up will work best for you. Leasing terms that are flexible in time and space size, included support staff for no-interview start-up, very low or no start up costs, maintenance which is often included, legitimate sounding addresses often located in business plazas, pre-furnished offices, and immediate availability of space are some of the excellent features of these type of offices.

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