A Visual Look at Startup Businesses

How easy is it to start a business? You can chat with any successful entrepreneur and learn his or her start up stories, but that means you would have to find those individuals, beg for an interview, and then spend several hours listening to how they feel their innovation is changing the world.

A better option is to view these wonderfully created visual interpretations of the business start-up process. These infographics not only provide a snapshot of the work that goes into starting a company and the stories behind current powerhouses, but also provide viewers with an appreciation of the creative mind.


The Visual Look into Startup Business This startup visual flowchart is currently flooding the Internet and was created by HawkFwd, a technology and investment group. The graphic simplifies what could have been an entire presentation folder’s worth of materials by describing their client startup process with this comedic and complex image. The text is a little difficult to read in places but overall, the infographic is well-designed.

The Story Behind Facebook

No list of modern business start-up infographics would be complete without the tale behind the rise of Facebook. If you don’t yet know the true story behind this social media powerhouse, this infographic is definitely worth checking out.

Mashable Infographic

If you’ve ever wondered who is most likely to receive funding for their entrepreneurial ideas, view this infographic from Mashable to find out. The graphic is well designed and is easy to interpret. However, don’t become disheartened if you have a stellar business start-up idea but isn’t listed in this infographics majority-you still have a chance at success.

Start-up Funding Sources

This infographic by the Grass Hopper Group is another simple, yet very effective design showing the different funding sources that entrepreneurs seek out in starting up companies. The infographic is displayed in mostly text, but is well-designed and achieves its intended purpose.

Tech Startups vs. Rock Bands

The Visual Look into Startup BusinessThis infographic provides a comical tale of one mans shifting life goals and how he continues dreaming of striking it rich. While not as flashy as other infographics, the creation shows an alternate option for creating start-up infographics.

The Rise of Applications

The application business is absolutely booming, with everyone trying to earn their piece of the fortune. This infographic perfectly captures the explosion of this industry since its startup and provides viewers with an appreciation of just how fast a trend can expand. If you haven’t yet created an application, according to this infographic, now may be the time to jump on the bandwagon.

Many other infographics display how creative professionals capture the concepts behind starting a business. However, this collection captures the variety of possibilities that are available to conceptualize one idea.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business or are simply interested in learning how creative professionals can turn any concept into a visual interpretation, the above infographics are worth checking out. From visualizing how firms guide clients through the start-up process to tales of how major corporations first began, infographics are the perfect options to tell these important stories.

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