Big Business Can’t Understand Social Media Augmenting Advertising

The following was one of the most popular Business stories of the past few days, retweeted often and quoted widely. The author talks about the differences in big brands vs small start-ups in growing a business- based on a conversation with an un-named serial entrepreneur she knows on the effectiveness of using social media in place of big brand advertising.

Joe presented his theory of the future of online advertising empowered by social media. He articulated a future where traditional media and big brands were dead, and, just for good measure, he postulated a consumer-controlled, self-selected future of infinite choices of goods and services. His monologue was pervaded by phrases like, advertising doesn’t work and people don’t want to be interrupted. And, my favorite, Social Media marketing is the only possible future brands are completely out of control and marketers have to realize that. Consumers control everything! Besides, everyone wants targeted, measurable messaging, it’s all going to be online.

via You’re Too Into Real Business to Understand Advertising and Social Media.

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