Blogging For Fun Or For Business?

A blog action plan. Such a simple concept that you may be overlooking. Even if you have been blogging a while you might want to look at this blog post by Kelly Watson of about treating your blog like a business even if you do it for fun. This simple questionnaire has a lot of great questions that were very thought provoking to me to look at my plan of action seriously. Hopefully you will find it as valuable as I did.

I learned this the hard way. When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I dove in without knowing how to sustain regular updates or gauge my progress. Many failed attempts later, I looked back on my early blogging efforts and wished I had created a plan to give my work direction.
As a beginner, I wouldn???t have known what to include in that blogging plan. Today, I do. That???s why I???ve created the blogging business plan: a series of 36 questions to help you flesh out your blog???s theme, its goals and the shortest path to achieving success.

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