How To Get Out Of A Blogging Slump

You are sitting at your computer staring at the screen, your head blank and your eyes slowly closing; sleep is threatening to give way. You’ve always had a variety of topics to cover and write about on your steady growing blog, but lately you admit to have fallen into the dreaded bloggers slump. You’re not alone. Several bloggers often run out of a steady list of ideas to write about and there are days when writing seems like the most difficult task imaginable. However, instead of thinking of yourself as an epic failure, why not try some of these tips and asking yourself the following questions before closing down your laptop angrily in frustration.

1. What kind of hobbies have you taken a liking to lately?

Maybe you’ve just started yoga or zumba and you could give your readers an honest take and insight on your newest hobby. You could tell them what they should expect to get out of the class, if they should invest in this new hobby, or what locations they can find a studio at. Your valid input may inspire your readers to start a new interest that could develop into a full time passion.

2. Hop on over to your favorite magazine sites to see what the current headlines are.

There are countless of numbers of magazines online and just by visiting their site your mind will become full of information. Try finding a magazine that you adore, such as an interior design, home improvement, fashion, or health mag, depending on your mood. Research the latest and greatest topics. Perhaps you will whole heartedly agree with a topic – blog about it and mention where you got your inspiration!

3. Start up conversations on your social media networks.

Engaging with your readers, fellow twitterers, Faceboook friends, or LinkedIn contacts, for example, is a fantastic way to get an honest opinion and feedback from people who know your writing the best. Ask them what they believe you write best about. On Twitter, send out a tweet being honest, such as “Currently in a blog slump. Help! Any writing ideas for me?” I’m sure your readers will relate to your candid honestly and in return they will be more than willing to help you with a much needed response.

4. Have you considered taking a blogging break?

Every blogger needs a break now and again. If you don’t take time to smell the roses, you will get burned out. Taking the well deserved time to go out on a bike ride, go on a vacation, or even guest blog for another blogger should rejuvenate you in no time at all.

5. On the days your mind is overflowing with ideas, take out a notebook and make a list.

Making a list in your favorite notebook will be greatly appreciated on the days you can’t think of a topic to write about. Whenever your mind is full of thoughts, take the time to write them down. Any ideas in mind are definitely going to be handy on those rainy days when you are beating yourself up over having nothing to say. You’ll remember about your notebook full of ideas and suddenly your day brightens!

As you can see, writers block that turns into a bloggers slump can be conquered by following the four tips above. There are many other examples of how to gain motivation and sometimes just stepping away from your computer can be the best advice given. Curl up and watch your favorite show or read that book you’ve been meaning to finish. Your bloggers slump won’t last for long because tomorrow you will wonder why it was even there to begin with.

Sierra Greenman adores living near the beach in sunny California. She is a Featured Fashion blogger for, a social shopping site dedicated to saving you money through online coupons and more. Sierra can also be found at her personal blog Ocean Dreams.

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