Your Business Needs Social Media Platforms

You’ve been working hard on your store and the service is good but nobody knows about it and your customer flow is small compared to what should be walking through your door. Maybe that’s the problem though, people are staying in their homes more often and you aren’t getting enough exposure. That is why you need to get online, even if you don’t offer products or services online (which you should) you can still get great exposure online.

Setting up an uncapped adsl line these days is inexpensive and creating a website even more so. If you can’t afford a website then you can join social media platforms which already have millions of people registered on them. Can you see the dollar signs now?

When you are up and running you should use the following social media platforms:


Facebook has at least 850 Million unique visitors per month. Wait i’ll write it down in numerical value: 850,000,000 unique visitors. The potential to get a piece of that pie is right there in front of you, all you need to do is create a profile and then create a page for your business. It’s fast and easy with loads of video tutorials out there to help you on your way.


Twitter is another great way of connecting with customers online. You can give tweet them about your latest products and even send images to everyone following your twitter feed. When using twitter you shouldn’t overload them with products but interact with them, ask them questions and mention a few good clients.


Pinterest is one of the latest crazes hitting the social media world. It’s a pinning platform where you can upload images to your pinning board or you can pin images from other sites to your board. I’ll give you an example of how you can use this social media platform to your business advantage. If you are a cake shop, you can upload images of new cakes available in the store, people who follow your feed will get updates on their pinterest accounts of the new cakes and subsequently they can follow the link to your site and contact you for an order, easy money.

These social media platforms are a great way of interacting with you customers and building brand awareness for the masses. You’ll definitely need a company to do the web hosting for you if you are keen on launching a website with all your services and online products, otherwise stick to the social media platforms.

Ruan Smit is an online content writer that writes on many social media platforms, he fully believes that a great adsl line is essential to run his business and interact with his clients.

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