Social Media and the Business World

Social media sites such as Facebook, Google, Myspace and Twitter are all used as methods for staying in touch with friends, uploading photos to share with many and simply having a way to connect with the rest of humanity throughout the day. However, these social sites also provide a platform for promoting a business.
Finding Clients
The clients are at the heart of any business. By looking through a list of Myspace friends or followers on Twitter, business owners can find potential clients. If they are family members or friends, they can suggest to them that their business might be just the solution for which they have been searching.
Businesses rely on one another to stay afloat. Consider a cooking class company that is in search of a writer to produce a blog for the different types of classes that are hosted. Both the freelance writer and the company can connect with one another on social media sites and help each other out. The company has the blog that it wants, and the writer has a new avenue in which to write. Additionally, the company winds up exposing its clients to the writer’s work, and the writer winds up drawing a new audience for the company. Therefore, both entities have their businesses promoted to a whole new possible group of clientele.

Facebook, for example, allows people to put ads on Facebook pages. Often, these ads are targeted to a specific group of people who might be interested in the products or services available. People who have Facebook accounts should contact the advertising portion of the social media site to see how they can go about having their businesses promoted with an ad. Of course, they are going to have to pay a fee for such advertisements. However, imagine all of the new eyes out there in cyberspace that will see the ads for the business! Using social media as a business promoting tool could potentially let the business reach thousands of new prospective clients.
Groups and Pages
When people want to check out a new restaurant, visit the local library or head to a new club, they often visit the website first to see what is in store. Sometimes though, websites can feel a bit impersonal. When a business creates a group or page for the company, people may feel as though they have a more direct connection with the establishment, thereby generating more business. Furthermore, groups and pages can often be more easily updated than websites can. This “easy-to-update” feature allows businesses to really keep current clients and potential customers in the loop about specials, sales and day to day happenings.
It’s true-there is no “one size fits all” to every single problem out there. However, social media is an answer to many businesses’ promotional issues. Social media allows people to reach to such a wide audience, that is seems nearly a promise that there is at least one person out there in cyberspace who could utilize the products or services that the business has to offer.

Marissa Heileman is self employed and enjoys drinking Diet Pepsi and reading a good book. She has 15 employees and used to get great rates for herself and her employees. She enjoys sharing business advice and her expertise on starting a business.

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